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DC Noise 91 – David Hine is AWESOME

July 2nd, 2010 4 comments

Mike and Keith get to discuss:

Mike and Keith’s Top 6 Preview Picks and

Detective Comics #684
Detective Comics #685
Gotham City Sirens #11
Gotham City Sirens #12

DC Noise 81 – Have you ever danced with a Lantern in the pale moonlight?

April 16th, 2010 10 comments

Keith and Mike bring the Bat books back into the spotlight with

Human Target #2
Secret Six #19
Outsiders #28
Green Lantern Corps #46
Green Lantern #52
Blackest Night #8

DC Noise 73 – Green Lantern and the Outsiders

February 19th, 2010 3 comments

Mike and Keith tackle

Red Tornado #4-5
Doom Patrol #6
Green Arrow Black Canary #28
Outsiders #26
Brave and the Bold #30
Atom and Hawkman #46
Blackest Night JSA #2
Green Lantern #50

Song Featured is from the podsafe music network and is Robin vs. Batman by My Corduroy
Green Lantern 50

DC Noise Episode 65 – A New Era Begins with a Bat-tastic Review

December 18th, 2009 1 comment

DC Noise starts up again with co-host Keith Knudsen and we cover Previews for books shipping in February and cover the following Bat books.

Red Robin #6
Detective Comics #859
Batgirl #4
Batman and Robin #6
Batman Streets of Gotham #6
Brave and the Bold #29 – Brother Power the Geek
Batman the Widening Gyre #3
Gotham City Sirens #6

DC Noise Episode 53 – Doom Patrol #1

September 11th, 2009 Comments off

Mike and Eric are back from a short break with our actual 50th episode. But we don’t really make a big deal out of it. It’s business as usual as we start the show with some back issue discussion of Action Comics #428 and The Question #8. We then go over the DC items in the September Previews catalog for items shipping in November 2009. We have a lot of comics to discuss this week and next week since we’ve been away for a bit, so sit back as we delve into quicker than usual discussion of…

Doom Patrol #1 (00:37:10 to 00:49:12)
Flash Rebirth #4 (00:49:12 to 00:55:55)
Secret Six #12 (00:55:55 to 01:02:17)
Last Days of Animal Man #4 (01:02:17 to 01:05:41)
Justice League: Cry For Justice #2 (01:05:41 to 01:12:41)
Booster Gold #23 (01:12:41 to 01:18:32)
Strange Adventures #6 (01:18:32 to 01:21:30)
JSA vs Kobra #3 (01:21:30 to 01:24:13)
Power Girl #4 (01:24:13 to 01:25:28)
Solomon Grundy #6 (01:25:28 to 01:26:46)
and a quick round up of the #4 issues of Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape, Run, Ink and Dance (01:26:46 to 01:33:50)

DC Noise Episode 50: The Big Five-Oh (Or Four-Seven)

August 14th, 2009 Comments off

50 episodes! Hooray! Oh wait, it’s not 50 for Eric and Mike because we didn’t do the first 3. But we have a slightly longer than usual episode full of comics talk. First we have a look through the August 2009 Previews for DC Comics items shipping in October. And then it’s on to our usual comic talk. This week the lineup is:

Batman: Streets of Gotham #2 – 00:42:06 to 00:50:34
Detective Comics #855 – 00:50:34 to 00:57:16
Red Robin #2 – 00:57:16 to 01:00:41
Batman and Robin #2 – 01:00:41 to 01:05:24
Outsiders #20 – 01:05:24 to 01:07:26
Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #5 – 01:07:26 to 01:17:24
Action Comics #879 – 01:17:24 to 01:24:56
Supergirl #34 – 01:24:56 to 01:29:19
Superman #690 – 01:29:19 to 01:38:26

Used under a Creative Commons license

Used under a Creative Commons license

DC Noise Episode 45: Top Five Things We Would Do As DC Editor

July 11th, 2009 Comments off

This week Mike and Eric go over the July Previews catalog, discuss the
lists of “5 things we would do as DC editor” from listeners and our
own lists and then movie on to some quick discussion of several

Starting at 01:03:20 to 01:16:42 with various levels of spoilers
within we quickly discuss the following and more – JSA vs. Kobra 1,
Gotham City Sirens 1, The Brave and the Bold 23, Streets of Gotham 1,
Booster Gold 21, Prototype 3, Solomon Grundy 4, DC Superfriends 15,
Justice Society of America 28, Vigilante 7, Power Girl 2 and an
Unknown Soldier issue from 1976 that Mike forgot to mention the issue
number of.


Finally, we have full spoiler reviews/annotations for Strange
Adventures 4 (01:16:42 to 01:23:02) and Flash Rebirth 3 (01:23:02 to

Don’t forget about Mike’s comic giveaway to the person who correctly
writes in with the decoded Zatanna phrase to [email protected],
also Eric is giving away all 52 issues of Trinity for the cost of
shipping (he will throw in Countdown as a similar offer as well.)

DC Noise Episode 39: May 2009 Previews

May 16th, 2009 Comments off

Mike and Eric go over the May 2009 Previews catalog for DC Comics items shipping in July. Random discussion about Batman: The Brave and the Bold and The Warlord is included. Then we move on to some reviews of Trinity 47 (00:50:06 to 00:55:21) Trinity 48 (00:55:21 to 00:59:47) Also included is some less detailed, spoiler discussion of Teen Titans Annual #1, Teen Titans #70, Battle For the Cowl #2, Bloodpack, Warlord #1 and many more.

DC Noise Episode 37: Top Five DC Events

April 24th, 2009 2 comments

Hosts Mike Myers and Eric Martin open the show with some Denver ComicFest discussion and then move on to the April 2009 Previews catalog for DC Comics items shipping in June. We discuss Trinity 45 (00:44:25 to 00:50:04) and Trinity 46 (00:50:04 to 00:54:39) and then we talk about our Top 5 list of DC Events.

DC Noise Episode 31: Watchmen Movie, Faces of Evil and March 2009 Previews

March 13th, 2009 Comments off

Mike and Eric have watched the Watchmen (sorry for that stupid overused line there folks) and tell you about it with full spoilers for the movie and the comic books. Spoilers begin basically from the top of the show and go up to 00:13:15

The rest of the lineup is as follows:
Our Top 5 list of Trades, Collected Editions and/or Story Arcs – 00:16:45 to 00:33:18
Darkstars #26 – 00:33:40 to 00:41:24
Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen #121 – 00:41:24 to 00:44:25
Warlord #21 – 00:44:25 to 00:51:10
Faces of Evil: Deathstroke – 00:53:08 to 00:58:36
Faces of Evil: Kobra – 00:58:36 to 01:07:56

Finally, we go over the March 2009 Previews catalog for DC Comics items shipping in May.