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DC Noise 191 Is that a Barrel Chest?

September 29th, 2012

First you get some behind the scenes hotel room chatter from Baltimore Con courtesy of Star Joes Podcast. Darrell is drunk and not responsible for anything that he says. Then we get into our regular episode with Movie challenge discussions of Dad Savage, Bounty Hunter and Battle Royale 2. We even get in a little bit of Dredd 3D. The new movies picked are The Grey, Ichi and Tomorrow when the War Began. We discuss comics like Dan the Unharmable, Skyward, The Ray, Phantom Lady, Avengers vs. X-men, Batman #0, I Vampire #12, Supergirl #12, Clumsy, Shade, Before Watchmen, Malibu Comics, Phantom Stranger 0, and Green Lantern Annual #1

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