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DC Noise 131 – DC Relaunches and Keith poses for Art

June 10th, 2011

Mike, Keith and Darrell are joined by Kevin from FBombcast to discuss the DC Comics September Relaunches. The guys learn that Keith once posed as Jesus for an artist.

Keith as Jesus 1
Keith as Jesus 2

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  1. June 10th, 2011 at 14:02 | #1

    I haven't heard the episode yet, but…wow Keith life is just crazy

    • Mike
      June 10th, 2011 at 20:09 | #2

      I learn something new about Keith every time we record. In this case he posed for an artist doing Jesus.

  2. June 10th, 2011 at 20:29 | #3

    LOL, that should be "Keith's life WAS crazy". I've settled down in my old age 😛

  3. badsoul
    June 11th, 2011 at 05:10 | #4

    hi guys! Very funny podcast as always.

    I have to salute DC. This is such a balls to the wall move! its gutsy, risky, brave and above all innovative.
    DC is trying to reaching new readers. They are going to use TV advertisements to attract new readers.

    I think this could work. I very much hope it works. The comics industry is too small momentarily.

    considering the artists: I think they are too lazy. I just cant believe that a month of time is not enough to draw 20 pages. Artists should be hold accountable for lateness. If I dont do my job in a certain time frame, I will get fired. Comics are a periodical buisness. Everyone knows this. Its time to let people go who dont commit to their jobs.

    I agree with Darrel Brian Q Miller should have been given a book. He wrote a great Batgirl.
    I am sad to see some great creators not given a job after the reboot. I am missing Dustin Nguyen, Pere Perez, Nicola Scott, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Phil Jimenez and Don Kramer. I hope some of these guys will work on the Earth One OGNs.

    On to the books discussed on the podcast:

    JLI: i was suprised that winick wasnt writing this title. I'll be picking it up rgardless. The team is very interesting. The mysterious woman on the cover is not Donna Troy however. Jurgens did not reveal the identitiy of that character yet. In an interview with CBR he stated that he isnt saying yet who that is.

    I like Winick, so i'll get catwoman. The art is sexy to say the least.

    I am scaptical about flash. Manapul hasnt proven himself as a writer yet. I will check it out though and decide afterwards.

    Kyle Higgins is an up and coming. He is writing the mini series Gates of Gotham with Scott Snyder. I will try out Nightwing. I very much like the redesign. I am glad grayson is returning to the nightwing persona. There can only be one batman and that is Bruce Wayne.

    The savage hawkman is looking like it will be my guilty pleasure. I like Tony Daniel and I think Philip Tan can produce good art. I respect Robinson, but I think he wasnt that good lately. His dialogue was very strange.

    Teen Titans looks promising. The red robin redesign is bad ass!

    I am sad that Superman/Batman is not getting rebooted. I liked the interaction between these two characters. I was sure they would announce Worlds Finest 1 but I was wrong.

    Demon knights will be fun. Paul Cornell is a great writer that injects a lot of fun into his comics.

    JLA Dark has a lot of potential. I like Zatanna and Deadman, so this is also a must get.

    Jeff Lemire is a great writer. His superboy run was a treat. Frankenstein and animal man are interesting if strange titles. They will be critically acclaimed and will be on my pull list.

    Justice League will be amazing. I cant wait for this. I am so dying to get this! oh help me jesus (or keith for that matter)

    wonder woman deserves a chance. I like cliff chang and azzarelo and I think these two are going to give us a new interpretation of the character. Im on board.

    Aquaman can only be great. Its Ivan Reis and Geoff Johns. Come on, this is going to be epic.

    I am not interested in any legion books. The concept just doesnt grab me.

    Im getting Green Arrow. I like Ollie, especially how JT Krul wrote him. I hope they make Ollie a bit more cheerful than recently though.

    Mister Terrific is enjoying a great redesign. I liked the solicitation of this title. He is going to be a ladies man, so im in.

    captain atom is not a character I like very much. I think he is fine when he is in a team book but I cant imagine a monthly title with him.

    dc universe presents is an anthology and I love anthologies.

    I will buy all batman titles since batman is my favourite character. Happy that Bruce is back as the only Batman. Oh and that awful costume is finaly gone.

    Snyder on swampthing is a great choice. Snyder can write dark but intelligent books. Im getting this

    Resurrection Man: I dont know who this guy is but I will buy this comic because Mike is excited for this.

    grifter: I will get this. I was always liked this character. Lokking forward to it.

    George Perez and Jesus Merino on superman is a sure hit
    Morrison + Rags Morales on action comics. Now this is a great time to be reading Superman! I will get double copies of this masterpiece.

    Final note: screw all the haters! I love this reboot! Lets just have fun with this!

    • June 11th, 2011 at 12:18 | #5

      I agree about the missing artists, where is Jamal Igle? Isn't he still exclusive to DC?
      I hope they're doing other stuff

      But most of the 52 titles look interesting to me. Specially the JL books.

      Keep the good work, guys. You make laugh like no other podcast

    • June 12th, 2011 at 19:10 | #6

      So many good things coming out. I am excited for all of it. My top ones are Catwoman, Resurrection Man, Suicide Squad, Batman, and OMAC. Everything looks good and fresh. I am also dying to read my Flashpoint books but they have not arrived yet.

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