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Review: Action Comics #368

December 9th, 2008

Here’s another review from Mike!

Action Comics #368
Oct 1968

Superman story: “The Unemployed Superman!”
Writer: Otto Binder
Artist: Ross Andru

I read the next story to this but this story focused on how crime was becoming obsolete. Hence Superman felt un-needed. He found out the Sentinels were behind it. They convince him by the end of the story to leave Earth behind because he is not needed. The interesting thing to this story to me is that this led to the next issue in which he left and returned and destroyed the Sentinels only to find out this was the biggest “boner” of his life.

Supergirl story: “Supergirl’s Stand to Save Stanhope!”
Writer: Cary Bates
Artist: Kurt Schaffenberger

This story was also a continuation. It involved two females from the future Alpha and Beta and they came to Stan Hope College to capture David Carew because they thought he invented a formula that could make them rich in the future. The trapped everyone in Stanhope college in a protective bubble and if anyone like Superman and Supergirl tried to penetrate the bubble the whole college would blow up. Alpha and Beta hypnotized most of the students to help them track down David. Supergirl had to use gold kryptonite to de-power herself to get in the bubble to rescue David at least that is what you think. At the time Gold Kryptonite is permanent and irreversible. What we learn is she did not use Gold Kryptonite but was working with cops from the future to capture Alpha and Beta. They used a brainwash device to make Supergirl forget she had powers. Supergirl and David defuse the bomb and save the College and return Alpha and Beta to the future authorities. Also Alpha and Beta find out that David did not make the invention but it was his future son David Carew Jr. who invents the formula that could make them rich. They made the trip for nothing (haha).

One very interesting thing is that Cary Bates opened the story like a Dr. Seuss story would open up. I thought it was great.

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