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Review: Action Comics # 342

November 8th, 2008

Another review from Mike. This time of Action Comics No. 342 from October 1966.

Superman story titled: The Super-Human Bomb!
Written by: Jim Shooter
Inks and Pencils by: Wayne Boring
Colors by: ?

In deep space Braniac is thinking about his hate for Superman and how he will go about defeating him in the future. All of a sudden Brainiac’s ship is attacked by Grax. Grax is wanting to still Brainiac’s shield technology. Grax defeats Brainiac and heads towards Earth to defeat Superman. He launches missiles at Superman. On missile attaches an bomb to Superman. This bomb is powerful enough to destroy all of Earth. If Superman removes it, the bomb will blow up. Superman rushes to Space so he can blow the bomb up away from Earth. Grax thought of this and put a shield around Earth so Superman could not leave. The time on the bomb is about to go off and Superman tries to figure out how to get the bomb off of him. Superman tries to bargain with Grax and state that if he turns to bomb off Superman will let him destroy him. Grax does not go for the offer. Luckly Brainic is pissed and sends a message to Superman on how to defeat Grax. He gets a huge magnet and brings Grax to Earth so he can parish along with everyone else. Grax turns off the shield and Superman boards and takes his ship into deep space where the bomb blows up. Grax uses his technogly to turn into a ghost and gets away. Brainiac and Superman shake hands but know very soon they will be enemies again.

Rating: B+ I am very curious to see if Grax ever showed up again because his intellegence was higher than Brainiacs.

Supergirl story titled: The Day Supergirl Became an Amazon!
Written by: Otto Binder
Inks and Pencils by: Jim Mooney
Colors by: ?

Linda Danvers and her class mates get a college assignment to go to the South Pacific to gather specimens for the school Aquarium. The three girls are on a boat and there tiny ship gets rocked by a storm. Linda changes to Supergirl to save the boat but their ship is rocked off course towards an island of Amazons. The Amazon queen makes the three girl students into slaves. She gives them a potion to become stronger so they can be more efficient slaves. Linda uses this to her advantage to make it look like the potion made her much stronger than the other girls. She ends up driving the Amazon Queen crazy and she lets all three girls leave the island.

Rating B+

*Extra trivia: comics.org states that this issue had a letter from Mark Evanier (who would have been around 14 at the time this issue was published) in the Metropolis Mailbag letters page.

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