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Review: DC Comics Presents #27

November 5th, 2008

Here’s a review from Mike Myers.

“Superman and Supergirl in Warworld”
Written by: Len Wein
Art by: Jim Starlin and Romeo Tanghal
Letter: Ben Oda
Colorist: Jerry Serpe
Editor: Julius Schwartz

2nd Appearance of Mongul; continued from issues 26 where Superman teamed up with Martian Manhunter

Story takes place after Mongul obtains a key for Warworld. Superman and Supergirl follow him into space. Mongul uses Warworlds weapons against them and almost kills them. They come up with a plan to get Mongul to try and control too many of Warworlds resources, which knock him unconscious. Warworld goes on autopilot. Superman distracts Warworld while Supergirl builds up enough speed to reach light speed and punch a whole through the core. Warworld begins to repair itself but Superman then goes onto Warworld to destroy the computers and grab Mongul. Warworld is defeated but Monguls body is nowhere to be found. Supergirl is now missing and Superman must find her.

Grading: Overall a fun issue. Story was continued from a previous issue so there was a little bit of confusion for me. Grade B-

2nd Story “Whatever Happened to Johnny Thunder, Lawman”
Written by: Mike Tiefenbacher
Artist: Gil Kane
Letter: Jasper
Colorist: Anthony Tollin
Editor: Julius Schwartz

DC’s longest running and most durable western character. He appeared in All-American Western 100-126 and All-Star Western 57-119. Raised by a sheriff and a teacher. His mother wanted him to become a school teacher and his father wanted him to become a lawman. Jane Tane decided to do both. He kept a secret identity (would dye his hair) and would become Johnny Thunder. John Tane would remain a school teacher and his mother never knew he was going against her wishes. This also told the story of Madame .44 who was like a Robin Hood in she would stop thieves but take the money they stole for herself. Story opens up with Jeanne Walker (Madame .44) and John Tane (Johnny Thunder) trying to unveil each others secret identities. There is a bank robbery by Silk Black and shooting starts. They both change and defeat Silk Blank and uncover their identities. Johnny Thunder turns her in to his father to get her sentence removed. They marry and have children.

Grading: Great issue and I learned a lot about these characters in such a short amount of pages. Grade A-

  1. stumpy
    May 31st, 2009 at 15:30 | #1

    Just a quick note that the posted review is a review for DCCP #28, not #26 and the reference in the text of the review to #25 (the previous issue with J'onn) should be to #27. Other than that, nice review.

    Thanks for the reviews. It's great to see these online, since I haven't read many of these books in years.

  2. June 2nd, 2009 at 02:09 | #2

    Thanks for the comment stumpy. I took your word for it and made the corrections. I am sure Mike wont mind. If you are interested and haven't dropped by our forums before Mike and others have continued to review some old books there. I just have never gotten around to posting them here. The forum is at : http://www.thecomicforums.com/forum2//index.php?s

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