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DC Noise Episode 11

September 19th, 2008
Mike and Eric begin the show with a look at the DC Comics in the September 2008 Previews catalog, which leads into some ranting on action figures and their availability or lack thereof at retail stores. Starting at 54:05, Eric talks about some of his recent reads of the Doom Patrol trades volumes 4 and 5 written by Grant Morrison. Spoilers for Doom Patrol #45 titled “The Beard Hunter”. We also talk about The Exterminators volumes 1 and 2 with some mild spoilers.

For our regular review features, the guys cover:
Final Crisis Superman Beyond 3-D #1 from 01:01:35 to 01:14:28
Trinity #13 from 01:14:31 to 01:27:56
Trinity #14 from 01:27:58 to 01:36:34

Get it here.

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