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DC Noise Episode 6

August 4th, 2008

At the top of the episode Mike and Eric begin a new irregular feature to the show. Let’s call it Character Profiles or maybe Secret Files and Origins. Anyway, Eric gives a short profile of B’wana Beast and his creators and briefly details a few of his appearances. And Mike gives a very detailed history and summary of The Unknown Soldier and some of his stories. Clearly Eric came at this a little unprepared!

Our reviews for this episode are of Rann-Thanagar Holy War issues 1 and 2. Major spoilers for issue 1 from 24:07 to 50:10 and for issue 2 from 50:12 to 1:12:47.

Our theme music is Liquid Butterfly by Ciruelo Cilindrico, and is available courtesy of a license through Creative Commons.

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